Introducing Chinese Coins Live

8,132 sales have been assigned by coin type in the last 30 days

The New Global HQ For Chinese Coins is Live

$1/4 billion in sales and counting

The largest and most comprehensive database on Chinese coin sales grows daily powering applications that make Chinese coin investing and ownership more simple and transparent. 8,132 sales have been added in the last 30 days and at present, we recognize 5186 different types of Chinese coins, medals and sets.

The only place for the latest sales

View the latest sales in chronological order with Timeline. Instantly see what has been selling including bargain buys and misinformed purchases.

Chinese Coins in Auction, Right Now

Never miss out on a coin in auction again. Our proprietary technologies identify Chinese coins in auction around the world and make them available in a convenient way to search, filter, research and bid; 111 right now.

Monitor items of interest

Add coins to watchlists in a simple and easy way to keep tabs on items of interest, display Charts and see latest sales, set SMS alerts when sales happen and more.

Build and customize charts

Extensive historical data sets and dynamic real time pricing info from our database that updates daily can reveal trends on charts.

Past Sales

Day 1, we started with a single sale and assigned it according by coin type and condition. Hundreds of thousands of sales later, algorithms and systems administrators continue with this work around the clock. Now you can truly know what you are doing. Whether you are buying, selling, trading or even just sitting on the sides with $50 coins, or $500,000 coins, we help remove the guess work by giving unprecedented access to the same data trusted by coin dealers, auctioneers and coin investors all over the world.



Timeline takes out all the hassle so you can see the most recent sales in chronological order in a clear and concise way. Structured data, clear and simple with the latest sales at a click of a mouse. What’s been selling recently and for how much? Any bargains? Anyone overpaying? Now you’ll know.


Never miss out on a coin in auction again. Live Auctions gives you all Chinese coins in auction right now around the world. Filter by grade, metal or coin type. Search by keywords or year. Spend less time searching and more time building your collection with the tools to do so intelligently so you can purchase at fair market values relying on state of the art data.



Add items to your own watchlists. Compare any coins you want on Charts, enable SMS alerts for when coins sell or even go to auction, view actual sales in your browser and more. Create multiple watch lists to organize items as you wish. Export reports to PDF or CSV. Define your interests and automate processes. It’s there to work for you.



Track historical performance of a particular item in real values (price), or in % increase/decrease over any time period in a new visually intuitive way. Comparing multiple coins against one another, spot trends or find optimal entry/ exit points and more. See all sales in any condition on a chart or compare a NGC MS69 coin against a PCGS MS69 coin. The possibilities are limitless.



Your own customizable dashboard is there to reflect your unique interests. Precious metal prices updating every 5 mins, a news feed with the latest articles and research on Chinese coins as well as forum posts, coins recently sold, 18 Chinese Coins Live Metrics to choose from, Featured Coins going up and down with special analysis*, your own Charts, full list and map with the 100+ auctioneers and coin vendors that have sold the 339,050 sales we have cataloged for your convenience and that power our applications.


Chinese Coins Guide

We started with a simple idea that it would be nice to have a Chinese Coins Guide Price Guide where you could click the prices and it would take you to the actual sale page in your internet browser. We then added NGC and PCGS census links and kept going with one-click links to view Charts, add coins to Watchlists and more on Chinese Coins Live (for every single item in the PDF). 6 PDF Chinese Coins Guides, 3 in English shown with sales in $USD, 3 in Chinese with prices in CNY. The vendor name, how many days ago it sold, mintage information and so much more. Our PDF’s update every day but no sales from the last 10 days, for that you’ll have to visit the website! The Chinese Coins Guide Sample is FREE with limited data. The full Chinese Coins Guide is free with all Chinese Coins Live licenses and we’ll happy to send it to you as a part of your no-risk 1 month free trial!