everything operating ok


VERSION 1.0.2 (OCTOBER 11 2016)

  • updated more compact UI for SMS alert setup
  • fixed issue where sales would say '-0 days ago' instead of 'Today'
  • updated Chinese Coins Guide Sample to show 5 random listings per page instead of only ungraded sales
  • creation of video tutorials for Chinese Coins Live and Chinese Coins Guide
  • introduction of Free 30 day Chinese Coins Live trial, any license
  • fixed issue on live auction page where search needed text to be in a specific order
  • creation of Timeline Search (expert license): now you can enter specific text and/or grade to show all sales
  • expansion on Featured Coins widget (expert license): see all coins going up and down with advanced analytics. Expand dashboard widget to see.
  • fixed issue where some pages where missing on the historical sales page
  • fixed issue where countdown clock was off by 3 hrs

AUGUST 10 2016

Bug involving SMS alerts, users affected will be credited/ refunded

VERSION 1.0.1 (JULY 27 2016)

  • updated grade aliases for chart and timeline display
  • updated lang setting
  • fixed issue with billing date for early trial upgrade
  • added support link to settings menu
  • fixed CCG index reference for final pg
  • updated account pg localization for cn users
  • updated to accept NGC and PCGS ebay non-U.S sales
  • out of beta and launched