Leading the way with Structured Coin Data

Structured Coin Data

What is it?

Structured Coin Data is where the work has been done to assign each sale to a coin, medal or set of a specific type as well as noting specifics such as condition or grade. Chinese Coins Live has developed breakthrough technologies to aid in the identification of coin types and their respective sales that we have put to use first for Chinese coins.

What can it do?

  • Permits you to view the sales history visually, on charts.
  • In tables where you can sort by grade, date or price.
  • Truly see when the last sale was.
  • How many sales ago the last sale happened of the same coin in the same condition.
  • View the sale in your web browser by clicking a link.
  • See the trend of the coin and whether it is going up or down.
  • See the historical trend of the coin and where things are now relative to 2, 5 or even 10 years ago.
  • Help you find attractive opportunities to enter into a coin purchase.
  • Also when might be an opportune time to sell. Help you price your coins for sale.

What does it mean for me?

Self-reliance. You now have the latest and most complete access to structured coin data in the Chinese coin market. No longer a need to rely on someone else’s opinion regarding the value of a coin because you have the very best possible information on call whenever you need it most. Structured Coin Data is objective. It is backed up by sales you can see and visit for yourself. With proprietary algorithms running daily and manual editors on top the thousands of assigned sales every month, you’ll know that structured data doesn’t only save you time but means the very latest state of the art direct from source to you.

How do you do this?

Hard work, dedication and a love of coins. It has taken years of development and refinements to make Structured Coin Data a reality. Something set to revolutionize the world of numismatics and we have started right here with Chinese Coins. We believe Structured Coin Data will lower the bar of entry into numismatics to grow the hobby increasing liquidity and transparency for all.

What applications do you have for this?

Too many to list but highlights include,

  • Charts, to interactively manipulate and display according to your needs
  • Data tables, to sort, filter and browse
  • My Collection and Watch List to give estimated liquid values for each of the coins you enter and their cumulative value (as well as estimated profit/ loss if entering their acquisition costs)