Chinese Coins Guide

In the last 30 days, we have archived and sorted more than 6,877 sales worth over $4,207,432 – lots of which you’ll see in the Chinese Coins Guide, our monthly PDF supplemental.

Chinese Coins Guide is a monthly interactive PDF price guide the likes of which has never been seen before. A number of firsts include: images for every item, links to census and population reports on NGC and PCGS, data on whether the price was up or down versus previous sale in same condition/ grade and highlighting the recent sales over the last month. You can click on a sale to open it in your browser bringing about a whole new level of transparency so you can see the actual sale of record for yourself.

Regardless of which currency the item sold in, prices shown in the English PDF are in U.S Dollars and for the Chinese version of the Chinese Coins Guide PDF in Chinese RMB, where all prices are adjusted to the exchange rates of the day of sale. You’ll also be able to see how many days ago the item sold for.

Rely on the Chinese Coins Guide for recent sales arranged by type and grade and click the links to view the sales in your browser from all over the world. 69 pages packed full of modern Chinese coins, pricing data, population reports and so much more…

Get a CCL license or checkout the Guide on it’s own and we’ll send you a special catch up copy from today – right now!

Our Chinese Coins Live users receive the PDF for free every month and are able to make use of it in a whole new way. For any given coin, set or medal – they can click corresponding links to instantly set SMS/ text message alerts for when items sell or go to auction (even if in a specific grade or condition), view the latest data in tables and charts and add items to one of their Watchlists.

Which option is best for me?

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“Curious and new to the world of Chinese coins”

We recommend the Chinese Coin Guide Lite. It is a free resource to get an overview of the types of panda coins in existence and what they sell for when in ungraded condition. The Lite version only has sales for ungraded coins over 30 days ago. Get your free copy by clicking here.

“Own a few coins here and there, casual interest at best”

We recommend the Chinese Coins Guide at $9.95 per month

“Somewhere between a small-time collector and a professional coin dealer”

We recommend finding a suitable Chinese Coins Live plan here. You will receive the Chinese Coins Guide included for free with your subscription where you can track the value of your collection, generate PDF reports, create charts and monitor what is important to you.

*Chinese Coin Live Users only.