How our users profit from using Chinese Coins Live

How do our users profit from Chinese Coins Live? Let’s show you.

Profit Rule #1

Determine that a coin you were going to buy is in fact too expensive

Every day, many coins sell for hundreds and even thousands of dollars above current market value. In the dynamic Chinese coin market, things can change quickly. A coin can go up and down equally fast. What might have been a great deal three weeks ago might not be anymore. The first way many users save money right away, is by not overpaying for a coin which you thought was a good deal but Chinese Coins Live showed you in fact wasn’t.

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Profit Rule #2

Pay wholesale, not inflated retail

We consider the prices in auction to be ‘wholesale prices’. Coin dealers too participate in these auctions. The spread between the retail and wholesale price of a coin can vary considerably depending on the rarity and demand for the piece. ‘Coins in Auction’, an Expert license exclusive, will highlight practically all the coins in auction around the world at any given time. The unique filtering combined with the options to receive a text message when a coin you want goes to auction ensures you can pay the wholesale price if the retail price is too high.

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Profit Rule #3

Bid a lot, win a little

The scope and coverage of the data provided by Chinese Coins Live is immense. We don’t tell you what we ‘think’ something is worth or pluck numbers from thin air. No no. All sales are verifiable so you can due your due diligence and have greater confidence when bidding in auctions. By using recent sales data, you can bid 10, 15 or even 20% or more under the most recent sales prices on many auctions. You won’t win them all but by bidding significantly under recent market rates on lots of coins, the ones you do win are likely excellent deals.

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Profit Rule #4

Price your own coins right

We all have to sell some coins ultimately. Pricing them correctly can be difficult but not with Chinese Coins Live. Offer them too cheap and they’ll be gone before you know it. Price them astronomically high and they might never sell. Because we pretty much have it all, you will be able to negotiate from a position of strength and if you want to list it a few % points under market to increase the likelihood of a sale, you’ll be able to do so without leaving lots of money on the table.


Profit Rule #5

Step ahead of everyone else. You’ve found a coin that will skyrocket.

For the first 30 years of modern Chinese coins, collectors relied almost exclusively on the mintage of the coin to determine rarity. Then in the last ten years, data became available on the actual mintage which in some cases was much lower than the official mintage. With the role of third party authentication and grading at a mature point in the Chinese coin market, the census or population reports for a given coin at NGC and PCGS are new considerations that further allude to the relative scarcity (or availability) or a particular Chinese coin. And now with Chinese Coins Live, you get to see just how many public sales have happened for any coin. Let’s take an example. As of writing, we like the 1999 1/20 oz Gold Panda Coin (large date serif 1), especially in NGC MS69. We consider it undervalued at present levels. We have 29 sales total for this piece compared to 139 for the 1999 1/20 oz Gold Panda Coin (large date plain 1) and 49 for 1999 1/20 oz Gold Panda Coin (small date). Our sales data is supported by what we see on the census reports too. Buyers at the right time for the 1995 1/2 oz Gold Panda Coin and 1997 1/10 oz Platinum Panda Proof Coins, along with countless others, saw their coins go up 10x, 20x and in some cases, 30x. Our site helps users see the frequency of a coin selling to help determine it’s scarcity in the marketplace.

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Profit Rule #6

You’ve noticed with CCL it sells less at one venue and more at another.

Some bidders at one platform prefer a coin to those at another. This investor knew that and made a $2,297 profit in 47 days! ¹ ²

Capitalize with Chinese Coins Live


Profit Rule #7

Coins, medals and sets you’ve never heard of.

Our users get to know about Chinese coins, medals and sets that they have never heard of. That’s because we track all sales, regardless how obscure the item might be. With this data available on demand, you’ll be able to participate in auctions for these never heard of before items like a pro. No steep learning curve or newbie handicap required.

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Profit Rule #8

Stay on top of your own coin collection.

My Collection℠ gives you a way to track the performance of your coins. Track the paper profit (or loss) for any coin or even whole collections. Be informed about the true value of your coin investments so you know their liquid values relative to your acquisition costs. You can log into a brokerage account to see how your stocks doing. Now this is possible with your Chinese coins.

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