User Guide to Chinese Coins Live


After you have checked-out with a Chinese Coins Live license, you will automatically be forwarded to the Chinese Coins Live portal. The default page that shows whenever you log in is called the ‘Dashboard’. 

An email with your username and password will be sent to you right away, for future reference if you ever need it.

Your username for the website is your email address. The password is what you specified on the checkout page.

The login page to the website is here.

You can also find it on any of the webpages at the top, it is the text in the menubar that says ‘login’.

Your license permits one simultaneous connection to Chinese Coins Live.

If you are logged in on your desktop and then later go to log in from your tablet, you will see a pop up notification that will inform you that you will be disconnecting from your desktop to sign in on your tablet.

If you ever need to reset your password, you can do so here.


Page Descriptions

1. Dashboard (customizable market overview)
2. Timeline (latest sales)
3. Charts
4. Historical Sales (coin archive with sales of all Chinese coin, medal, set types we follow)
5. Current Auctions (coins in auction now/ coming soon)
6. Newsfeed (aggregating the latest articles, news and forum threads on Chinese coins)
7. My Collection (track the performance of your coin collection(s))
8. Watchlist (monitor items of interest)
9. Datatables
10. User Settings
11. Support and Billing

1. Dashboard


The Dashboard provides an overview of the latest developments.

It is customizable so you can tweak it to show what is of interest to you.

1.1 Metric Widgets

Metric Widgets

Across the top, you’ll see four rectangular boxes where you can customize which data you would like each to show. For example, by default the first one shows the total number of sales records that have been assigned by coin type and condition.

Cog Icon

Check Mark Icon

X Icon

Click the cog icon, bottom left, to show all the possible data sets to choose from. Press the blue check mark to apply your changes or the grey x to cancel. You can choose what you wish to show for each of the four rectangular boxes this way.

There are ~18 metrics that you can choose from.

1.2 Precious Metals Widget

Precious Metals Widget

Bar Chart Icon

All CCL users have access to precious metal prices that update every 5 minutes. The widget shows the current spot price per ounce, whether this is up or down on previous day and the 30 day trend. Move your cursor over the trend line(s) to see the recent values for the past few days.

Each of the precious metals has a chart. Click BAR CHART icon to see the historical price of the precious metals, over any time period desired.

Our historical precious metal pricing data is available for you to use if you create charts of your own. For example, you could compare the performance of the silver spot price to a 2014 1 oz Silver Panda in NGC MS69. More on that later.

1.3 Recently Sold Widget

Recently Sold Widget

This widget shows 20 of the latest sales, according to the update frequency of your license type.

For example, the Collector license gets the latest sales once a week. If your next update is in 4 days time, you’ll need to wait until then to see the widget refresh with the latest sales. These sales are taken from the ‘TIMELINE.’ The TIMELINE page is where to see the most recent market activity.

Let’s take a look at some sample text from this ‘Recently Sold’ widget:

1984 3 x Yuan People’s Republic 35th Anniversary Proof Set – title/name of the item

Just sold on 7th January for $614.32. – tells you the date of sale and the price in your chosen currency. CCL supports 6 native currencies. All sales are converted using the exchange rates of the day.

Coin was NGC PF69. – the condition/grade of the piece

This is +23.2% than the last time a coin sold in a similar condition. – this compares the price of this sale against the last known sale we have for the same item in the same condition/grade. We do distinguish between NGC and PCGS graded coins which is to say that in this example, the price is +23.2% higher than the last NGC PF69 sale of this item

Coin was sold in Chinese Renminbi at Zhao Online, China. – this shows the currency used in the sale, the vendor/marketplace name and the country

We have 105 sales records for this coin. – indicates the total number of sales we have for the item, independent of condition. So we have 105 recorded sales for the 1984 3 x Yuan People’s Republic 35th Anniversary Proof Set in this example.

1.4 Chart Widget

Chart Widget

Chart Settings Icon

Chart Delete Icon

We have created charts that will show when you log in for the first time. The number of charts you can create varies by license type. You can see the number of charts per license here.

There is a dedicated CHARTS page, CCL users can see theirs here.

Whenever you create a chart, it will automatically show on the DASHBOARD.

To remove a chart from your dashboard press the red X. This will hide the chart from display on your DASHBOARD but it will still be visible on your CHARTS page.

To delete a chart altogether, press the CHART SETTINGS icon the press the from the CHART DELETE icon.

Collector and Collector+ licensees who have permissions for 3 and 5 charts respectively, may want to delete some of the default ones shown when they log in for the first time as they will count toward this quota.

For more on using Charts, see the dedicated CHARTS section further down on this page.

1.5 Featured Coins Widget

Featured Coins Widget (when expanded)

Grey Expand Icon

*This will only show for users at the Expert license level.*

If you do not see it, it is either because you don’t hold an active license of this type OR because it was removed by mistake. See ‘READDING A WIDGET’ just below for more on this.

This exclusive widget leverages our proprietary technologies to provide insights into recent sales that deviate considerably in price from recent trends. It is not a definite sign of coins going up and down in value but can serve this role if additional exploration by reviewing the sales indicates as much. Keep in mind that sometimes the price difference may be due to a variety that has not been picked up by the third party grading service, or CCL. The widget in it’s compressed form, sits on the dashboard but as with most widgets, can be expanded to reveal more insights and data. Press the GREY EXPAND icon, to expand the widget to full screen.

Column 1 reverse and obverse face of the item
Column 2 item title and the condition/ grade. Click the title of the item to show the PRICING TABLE.
Column 3 sale price
Column 4 the increase (winners tab) or loss (losers tab), when comparing against the last sale
Column 5 the five, if available, most recent sales of the item, in same condition
Column 6 actions: CHART, see all sales plotted on a chart for the item in the condition indicated. NOTIFICATIONS, to set up SMS ALERTS (additional charges apply).

It is strongly recommended to view the sales carefully before making any conclusions as to the price increase/decrease. Anomalies are pervasive in the sale prices of coins and yet there are also trends too. For example, the United States market, eBay in particular, has many sales that are far over market value. This is why we have a filtering parameters that can be selected/unselected.

1.5.1 Featured Coins Filtering

Featured Coins Filtering

Grey Expand Icon

The following can be checked/ unchecked by preference.
– Show eBay sales
– exclude ungraded sales
– exclude eBay sales from comparison in the most recent section

With the latter, the ‘gain’ will not update to reflect this selection if box is checked. These filter options are located top left of the widget, when the FEATURED COINS widget is expanded using the ICON.

1.6 Auctioneers Map Widget

Auctioneers Map Widget

Shows where most of the recent sales have been coming in from and a map with the location of the auctioneers/marketplaces with their geographic locations.

1.7 Auctioneers Widget

Auctioneers List Widget

A list of all the auctioneers/marketplaces we track. Over 100 in total. Outbound link to each vendor. If you are a vendor and want to edit the link to your website, open a support ticket.

1.8 News Feed Widget

News Feed Widget

We aggregate the latest articles, news and forum posts from 30+ different internet sources for your convenience. To access more content that goes back further than the DASHBOARD widget, see the dedicated NEWSFEED page.

2. Timeline Page


The Timeline page shows the latest sales in chronological order, most recent first. As discussed (see 1.3), the permissions of your timeline page will correspond to your license type.

2.1 Data Table with comparable sales

Example Button to Click

Click the button underneath the price. It has text showing the grade/condition of the item that sold. It will open a table with all past sales for the item in the same condition.

2.2 Coin Images

Mouse hover over the icon shows what it does

Lightbox shows with the images

The image of the item can be enlarged by clicking on it or the view images icon. To close it, click outside of the image box.

2.3 Actions

View Images

Add to Watchlist

Add to My Collection

View Chart

Set Notifications

Underneath the vendor name, you will see some actions. Many of these are universal actions, where you will see these actions possible elsewhere throughout the portal. See section 4.2 for more on ACTIONS.

2.3.1 View Images

The image icon is referenced in 2.2 above.

2.3.2 Add to Watchlist (glasses icon)

Add an item of interest to your WATCHLIST. More on WATCHLIST below.

2.3.3 Add to My Collection (wallet icon)

Where you see this icon, you can add an item to your collection (MY COLLECTION). More on MY COLLECTION below.

2.3.4 View Chart (bar chart icon)

Open up the data points for an item on a chart. On the TIMELINE page, it will plot all sales of an item in the same condition on a chart. The number of data points depends on both how many sales we have and the number you can access through your license.

2.3.5 Notifications (smart phone icon)

This feature to set up SMS alerts permits the user to be notified same day a sale happens for an item of interest, independently of the permissions set forth in your license type (data update frequency).


Daniel wants to know as soon as a 1998 1/20 oz gold panda (small date) sells in any condition. He has the entry level Collector license where his next data update happens in 6 days. He locates the coin, on the TIMELINE or HISTORICAL sales page, clicks the icon where he can create this notification. He will do so like this:

He selects:
Step 1: Send text message when
> this item sells
Step 2: Limit to a specific condition?
> no
Step 3: He verifies mobile phone number with the country code is correct
Step 4: Checks the ‘I agree’ box to agree to terms of use
Step 5: Presses the SUBMIT button

The following day, a sale happens that meets this criteria. His SMS/ text message to his phone reads as follows:

1998 1/20 oz Gold Panda (small date) in NGC MS69, sold on 12/5/2016 for $1192.29. IMBEDDED LINK TO THE SALE.

Even though he wouldn’t receive this sale on his portal for another few days given the update frequency of his license type, he was able to find out sooner rather than later for this sale which was important to him.

The cost for this service is as follows: $0.30 flat rate per SMS sent plus a $1 monitoring fee per month, per coin in a specific condition. Because he selected ’no’ in Step 2 above, he will receive alerts about all sales regardless of condition. Monitoring rate for an item in any condition is $1 per month. Charges are billed separately to the monthly license charge (MLC) and show on the statement as ‘CCL LLC’.

2.3.6 Timeline Search

Search for the most recent sales of coins that meet any sort of criteria.


Search: 2007 1/10 NGC69
to show the most recent sales of 2007 coins, 1/10 oz in size in NGC 69 grade (both MS and PF).

Search: 12 oz silver
to show all the most recent sales of 12 oz silver coins and medals, any condition, in chronological order.

Search: set
to show all the most recent sales of sets.

3. Charts Page

CCL Charts give users the power to uncover trends and find attractive entry/exit points. Interactive, fully customizable charts.

3.1 Creating a Chart

Step 1: On the CHARTS page, start by pressing the ‘ADD NEW CHART’ icon or click the ‘CHART’ icon on an existing chart.

Step 2: You will then be shown a pop-up where you enter a name for what you would like to call it in the ‘ENTER CHART NAME’ field. This can be changed later if needed (see 3.2.4).

Step 3: Below, in the ’SELECT COINS’ field, select with your mouse (or tap if on a mobile/tablet). You will see the items you can add to the chart. These include all items on your WATCHLIST, MY COLLECTION plus the precious metal prices. IN ORDER TO ADD A ITEM TO A CHART, IT MUST EITHER BE ON A WATCHLIST OR IN MY COLLECTION.

Step 4: After you have selected all of the items you wish to plot on the chart, press the ‘ADD CHART’ button. You will then see the following message and the page will auto-reload.

New Chart Successfully Created…. Refreshing

Charts load one-by-one. Your recently created chart will appear last. It will also automatically be added to your DASHBOARD (want to keep it on your CHARTS page but remove from DASHBOARD? see 1.4).

3.2 Customizing Chart Display

CCL Charts allow a range of options to fine tune.

3.2.1 Changing Colors on a Chart

Step 1: Press the CHART SETTINGS icon, bottom left of each chart. This shows you what you have chosen for display.

Step 2: Click the colored square next to the coin description. A pop-up shows which says ‘select color’

Step 3: Select the color shown to reveal all possible colors to chose from on the color palette, click or drag to chose desired.

Step 4: Press the BLUE CHECK MARK button.

Step 5: To apply the changes made to the chart, press the BLUE REFRESH button. The chart will then reload with the color(s) you chose.

3.2.2 Adding/Removing Items for a Chart

Start by pressing the CHART SETTINGS icon.

To replace an item on a chart with another, click the coin title and chose the item you want to replace it with. REMEMBER, IN ORDER TO ADD A ITEM TO A CHART, IT MUST EITHER BE ON A WATCHLIST OR IN MY COLLECTION.

To add a new item to a chart, press the text that says SELECT. Chose desired then press the BLUE CHECK MARK button. Your chart will auto-load. Some users will find a limit of 4 items that can be to a single chart.

To delete an item from a chart, press the RED ‘X’ icon then in the pop-up confirmation box you will be asked to confirm this. Select ‘YES’ to proceed.

3.2.3 Switching Between Real Values and % Increase/Decrease

CCL Charts permit the user to quickly switch between real values (price sold) on the y-axis OR the +/- % change over the time period displayed. This is a achieved by pressing the TOGGLE button. The chart will auto-reload each time on click. 

3.2.4 Changing Chart Type

These options are just underneath the chart display, on the same line as the CHART SETTINGS icon.

The AREA CHART icon shows the display options for the data. There are as follows: line chart, markers only, area chart and area spline.

The THREE DOTS icon removes the markers from displaying on the chart for the line chart, area chart and area spline display options. Press it again to reapply the markers. The chart will auto-reload each time on click.

3.2.5 Changing the Name for a Chart

Start by pressing the CHART SETTINGS icon.

A text field with the title for the chart shows next to an UPDATE button. Modify or enter the desired chart title and press the blue UPDATE button to save.

3.2.6 Changing the Time Period Shown on a Chart

There are four ways:
i) use the buttons top/top left of a chart next to the ‘zoom’ text. Time periods shown are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, Year to Date, 1 Year and All.

ii) if the time period shown is not ‘All’ and not all of the data you have access to, click and drag on the chart itself (where the markers/lines are with all of the data points). Dragging right will show the same amount of time but will take you to an earlier starting/end point. Dragging left will show a later starting/end point.

iii) the mini chart at the bottom shows you contextually the time period shown on the chart, between the two sliding markers. Drag one or both of the markers to manipulate. Alternatively, use the left/right arrow keys to tweak or as in ii) above, you can drag left/right.

iv) when a chart is expanded to full screen (see 3.3), you will see ‘from’ and ‘to’ boxes, top right of the chart. It shows you the start and end dates for the period shown on the chart. You can enter dates manually in these boxes in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD; where Y is a four digit year, M is a two digit month, D is a two digit day.


3.3 Expanding the Chart to Full Screen

Doing this shows you a clearer view of the chart as there is more screen space to work with. Wherever you see the GREY EXPAND icon, you can press it to expand a widget. These are shown top right of every chart. Press the GREY icon again to exit full screen display mode.

3.4 Deleting a Chart

Start by pressing the CHART SETTINGS icon.

Look for and press the DELETE CHART icon.

In the confirmation message that shows, press ‘YES’ to approve the deletion. ONCE A CHART IS DELETED, IT CAN NOT BE RESTORED.

4. Historical Sales Page

The historical sales page and search gives you access to the pricing data for the several thousand Chinese coins, sets and medals we track here at Chinese Coins Live.

The HISTORICAL SALES page is shown in the sidebar, with the FOUR SQUARES icon.

By default, items are shown in date order – oldest to newest.

Pressing any VIEW DETAILS button will load the table with all sales data that corresponds to the permissions in your license type.

4.1 Sitewide Coin Search/ Lookup

The universal coin search field is shown top right of every page. It has text which says ‘Coin Search’.

Navigate your cursor to here to then enter a term to look up a specific or group of coins. Five characters are the minimum that should be entered. This will then show you the top matches. Matches are shown in date order, oldest to most recent. Press enter to be taken to the HISTORICAL SALES page to see all matches.

You can enter keywords e.g. search ‘1996 medal’ and it will show you all items with 1996 and medal in their title.

4.2 Actions

4.2.1 View Images

Press the IMAGE icon to enlarge associated images for the item

4.2.2 Add to Watchlist

Press the GLASSES icon to add an item to existing watchlist. From the dropdown, press ‘ADD NEW LIST’ to add the item to a new watchlist.

4.2.3 Add to My Collection

Press the WALLET icon to add an item to your MY COLLECTION page. Add to an existing collection that already exists. If you press this icon next to a sale on a DATA TABLE, it will auto-populate all particulars. Typically one would do this if they were the higher bidder in specific auction/ fixed price purchase.

4.2.4 View Chart

When you press this icon on the HISTORICAL SALES page, it will plot all sales of the item on a chart, assigning a unique marker shape/color for every condition.

4.2.5 Notifications

See 2.3.5

5. Current Auctions (Expert/Expert+ exclusive)

The CURRENT AUCTIONS page can take 20-40 seconds to load depending on both the speed of your internet and the number of auctions shown. Most users will find it loading after 10-15 seconds. Once the page is loaded, it is cached for easy switching between any of the filters. It will also load quickly if you navigate away and come back again within 5 minutes. At any one time, typically we have more than a thousand auctions which will show – all shown by item type and condition.

We make best efforts to provide suitable ‘estimates’ but no guarantees or representations are made. Our website terms of use are here.

5.1 Bidding in an Auction

The ‘BID NOW’ button takes you to the auction at the vendor/marketplace website. We do not accept bids or have proxy bidding at this time.

5.2 Searching for Coins in Auction

The search box is used in conjunction with the filters, in the sidebar on the right. Entering a search term like: ‘1989’ will show all items with ‘1989’ in the title. If the grade was set to ’69’ and the ‘panda coins’ filter is checked, instead it would show all 1989 panda coins, medals and sets in 69 grade.

To reset your search, delete the text in the search box and press the ENTER key on your keyboard, or press the ‘SEARCH’ button instead.

5.3 Sorting Auctions

To the right of the search box is the dropdown list for how you want to display your results. The list has: ‘coin year’, ’ending soonest’, ‘newly listed’, ‘grade’, ‘highest price’ and ‘lowest price.’

The search results will then display in an order based on this selection.

5.4 Filters

The FILTERS sidebar contains the following sections:

5.4.1 Popular Filters

Editor’s Choice – items in auction that have been highlighted by our site administrators

Recently Added – items identified for auction/ in auction over the last 24 hrs

Panda Coins – removes all items that don’t contain ‘panda’ in the title

Not Seen 120 days+ – shows items that have not sold publicly for 120 days or more. Not condition/ grade sensitive, (condition is not a factor.)

Ending Soon – items where the hammer is about to drop

My Watchlist – shows items that are on your Watchlist(s)

5.4.2 Auction Company

Shows all of the auction companies and marketplaces with coins in auction now. We endeavor to only show items that are sure to sell in no reserve auctions (or where the reserve has been met).

5.4.3 Grade

Selections here are: ‘Any’, ’70’, ’69’, ’68’. Choose which condition you want to show

5.4.4 Metal

Choose which items you want to show based on metal type.

Data tables load data in a table throughout the site.

6. Newsfeed Page

Aggregates and curating the latest news, articles, research, videos and forum posts on Chinese coins from the best websites on the internet (30+).

7. My Collection Page

Monitor the performance of the coins in your collection or investment portfolio.

7.1 Creating Multiple Collections

Top left of the page, find and click ADD NEW COLLECTION. In the dropdown that appears, type the name for what you want to name the collection. This can be changed later if desired. Press the ADD button. The page will reload with your newly created collection. If you can’t see it right away, press the CIRCLES underneath the COLLECTION BOXES to slide over to view.

7.2 Adding Coins to a Collection

Top left of each COLLECTION is a ‘+’. For the COLLECTION you want to add a coin to, press it.

Locate the coin by entering keywords into the FIND COIN box and press SEARCH.

Select the coin from the list that you want to add and complete the remaining fields.

Cost per item represents your acquisition cost for a single piece, for example:

If we purchase a sheet of 10 x 2004 1 oz Silver Panda Coins for $700, we find the coin, enter 10 in the quantity field and enter 70 in the cost per item field (700/10).

When completed, press the ADD COIN button.

You will be asked if you want to add another item to the same collection.

7.3 Loading Data From a Collection in to the Table

Press the LIST icon, bottom of the COLLECTION box. This loads into the table the coins for the collection. If you have more than 4 Collections, slide over using the circles to get to the Collection you want to load.

7.4 Modify Table Display

Choose which columns you want to display by clicking on the ‘SHOW/HIDE COLUMNS’ button. Clicking and unclicking what is checked will show/hide the columns in the table. The selections with the * below are those that can be shown/hidden.

Columns shown are:

Quantity – Number of coins of the coin type you own

Name – Coin Name/ Description

Grade – Guarantor and/or Condition *

Latest Price – Last sale for the piece in the same condition (shows the date in parenthesis) *

Purchase Price – Your acquisition cost per item *

Seller – Auctioneer or Vendor *

vs Last Sale – Increase/ Decrease versus last sale of same coin in same condition *

vs Last Sale % – % Increase/ Decrease versus last sale of same coin in same condition *

Last Sale – Number of days since previous sale, same coin same condition *

Last Sale Price – Last known sale for the piece, in ANY condition (shows the date in parenthesis) *

7.5 My Collection Actions

We will look at exporting reports and actions you can take to act on the data shown.

7.5.1 Exporting Reports

Users permitted to do so with their license type can export reports out of My Collection.

Report Formats: CSV, PDF

Step 1: Choose which format you want to export to

Step 2: Press the corresponding button. Your report will display whichever data you have displayed in the table at the time you export.

Step 3: Choose the location on your computer/device you wish to save to.

7.5.2 Actions Column in the Table

You might recognize the icons at this point. You can hover over them or most titles in the site to see the description of their function or meaning.

BAR CHART icon lets you add the line item to an existing chart, or to create a new chart

GAVEL icon will show you the sale from the latest price column on the source website in a new window or tab

SMART PHONE icon will open a window where you can create SMS notifications. Additional costs may apply.

NO ENTRY icon will delete the item from your collection. A pop up will ask if you wish to proceed.

7.6 Collection Data

My Collection helps users achieve their goals and to monitor overall performance. The data at the bottom of the table will calculate how the collection shown in the table is doing relative to cost basis and most recently available sales data, according to license type. Let’s have a look at some sample text.

Total Coins: 12 Coin Types: 12 Estimated Value: $36429.18 Invested: $25000.00 Estimated Gain: + $11429.18

TOTAL COINS is the number of coins in total that are shown in the collection. It is the cumulative total of the QUANTITY column.

COIN TYPES is the number of different coins, medals or sets. It is the cumulative total of the number of different items in the NAME column.

ESTIMATED VALUE is cumulative total of everything in the table, QUANTITY X LATEST SALES PRICE

INVESTED is cumulative total of everything in the table, QUANTITY X PURCHASE PRICE

ESTIMATED GAIN is ESTIMATED VALUE – INVESTED. If the value is positive, as it is above, the estimated profit is shown based on current market values. If the value is negative, it indicates that the amount paid is higher than what it is expected to sell for in current market environment.

7.7 Changing Icon or Color, For the Collection Box

You can customize the appearance of the COLLECTION boxes in two ways, the color and the icon.

To change the COLOR, press the BADGE icon bottom right of the box.

To change the ICON, click the ICON in use. It will show a pop-up with alternatives you can select from. Press blue check mark to apply your changes.